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Exquisite work can captivate, but more importantly compel and motivate another artist.  After collaborating on multiple projects over the past three years, Simon and Desiree, leaders in their field, combined their resources, work ethic and talent to offer a new level of artistic services. The result being, a commercial and residential 'one-stop-shop' , decorative and artistic services company, STRUTTURA, founded in 2011.

Simon Streak

 SIMON STREAK is a self taught artist with a gift from god. Born in South Africa, and trained all over Europe, where he resided until graduating from high school, Simon sowed the seeds of his profession, making him one of the best in the industry. In 1984 he came to the USA, for university on a scholarship, where he received a BA degree. In 1991 he started his business, Streaks & Visions, which covered all facets of art, decorative finishes, and textures. In 2005, with 18 employees, he successfully made the move from only high-end residential clients, to also include the world of big commercial projects. His work has been featured in multiple publications, and on television shows. Simon was also featured as one of the 20 artists chosen for the 'PUZZLE FALLS' app, on iPad. Boasting an impressive client list of athletes, celebrities, corporate clients and commercial projects, Simon has traveled extensively, sharing his talents, skills and professionalism, touching many people's lives with his gift.

Desiree Harper

DESIREE HARPER is a life long visual artist and painter who has been blessed with the opportunity to share her talent through her craft. After being classically trained in Drawing and Painting at Jacksonville State and Georgia State Universities she quickly found her niche in decorative painting. She created her company, Studio D Atlanta, in 2001 in which she specialized in murals, illustrations and decorative finishes. With such an innate artistic gift, strong work ethic and dedication to excellence her business quickly took off, growing only through referrals. Within a few years the addition of large commercial projects was introduced to a primarily high end residential clientele base. Over the years she has gained a great deal of hands on experience as well as technical knowledge of the trade and its materials and methods. Desiree's keen insight and ability to develop innovative finishes continued to propel her in her field. Her work has been shown in international publications, premier show homes, high end residences, commercial and public spaces throughout the country.