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Lime wash is a lime based product produced from sedimentary rock rich in carbonated lime (CaCO3) & extracted from quarries in the Dolomites.  It can also be produced from marble (henceforth the principal reason marble was extracted from the Roman ruins in the Middle Ages).  The sedimentary rock is crushed & then placed into ovens that are heated to about 800°C-1200°C for 1-2 days.  In this phase, a reaction occurs & liberates andride carbonic, reducing the weight of the stone by a third as a result of the loss of carbon & oxygen.  This is called Active Lime, & for the final phase of this material to be used in plaster & paint, it must be deposited in pools where water can be added slowly over a 2yr period, wherein intense heat is generated & the Active Lime becomes Inactive Lime (Salked Lime).  The phenomena of this carbonization is that when Inactive Lime is mixed with inert materials, such as other lime, sand, marble dust, & water, & is applied to a surface, making contact with air (CO2), it dries & returns to the same idential rock from which the lime was formed, although in crystalline particles far smaller than the original stone.  Lime based products made form this process can endure for centuries & is non pulluting to the environment. 


Limewash is ideal for indoor & outdoor use, commercial & residential, & in any climate.  The organic Biocalce (lime wash) contains ZERO APEOs, PEGs, solvents, & asthmatic triggers. 


The reason for the popularity of the lime wash as of late, is becuase of the look & feel that can be achieved indoors & out & on a variety of surfaces.  A brick home can be painted with lime wash to create a finish that looks established, not newly constructed.  Because the limewash was applied to the natural, untouched surface of the brick, the product will continue to strengthen the brick surface by calcifying as it comes in contact with air (CO2) & will require very little maintenance.  Of more importance, there are no ingredients to harm the environment becuase BioCalce (lime wash) is organic, solvent free, prohibits growth of bacteria that forms mold, & absorbs toxins.


This product can be applied to cabinetry, wooden beams, furniture & basically all millwork for a beautiful result.

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