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Stucco, Plaster, & Stone architectural finishes by the master artisans of STRUTTURA.  Marmorino, Teodorico, American Clay, Plexture, Sandstone, Zolotone & Duraplex are our textures used to create a variety of finishes, commerical & residential.  These can used to recreate a crumbling aged stucco wall, fresco finishes, French plaster, bricks, stone, commercial textures & much more. 


- Marmorino is one of the most elegant & classic polished stucco's from ancient times.  Ingredients such as marble flour, fine sand & long-season lime, make the Marmorino truly original.  The look of polished stone, which is decorative & natural in appearance can be applied to virtually any properly prepared surface.  Marmorino being a mineral & natural base, allows the surface to breath in high humidity areas & moister areas. 

- Duraplex is a commercial texture which is highly durable (80% as hard as mild steel when cured, also with a 10 year old & mildew warranty.  It is an excellent solution for high traffic or public areas.




For maximum longevity, abuse resistance, mold  & mildew prevention, & lowest long-term maintenance costs, Duraplex excels aesthetically & functionally.  With a wide range of design options & complete design freedom, designers can create the look & feel of walls to blend or announce their client's environment.  Available in over 80 standard colors & several dozen textures, plus custom color & texture options, you can specify colors & textures to meet your design concept.  




Approved as an Eco construction material in Europe with optimum breathability 90%-95%, prohibits mold forming bacteria, 0%-1.85% VOC (<30g/lt).  


Lime based cement was created by the Etruscans in Italy around 700BC, & was adapted & further developed by the Romans, the secret of successful building technology for the last 3,000 years.  It was the Etruscans who invented, for the first time in human history, the function of the arch, & with cement, revolutionized architecture, creating the seeds for establishing the largest empire in human history.  Portland based cement companies were invented in the late 1700's, but really did not make it to the market until the end of the 1800's.  In the short time of their introduction to the market, the material, while excellent for structural purposes, generally does not perfom well after 20 years, is made with toxic chemicals, & is the second largest polluter in the world for the environment (petroleum being the foremost). 


Ecological cement is made from either Hydralic Cement NHL 3.5 or Slaked Lime CL 90, & when applied to the surface of a building with a mineral base, will carbonize for up to a 1000 years.  It is 4 times more elastic than cement & is non-harmful to the environment.  San Marco cement stucco is pre-mixed from Slaked Lime Putty, can be pre-tinted & is an excellent base for any mineral paint or plaster product such as Marmorino, Antica Calce Lime Wash, Marmo Antico, & Grassello di Calce. 




BEQ & BOQ housing, corridors, hotel guest rooms, public spaces, where there are mold/mildew problems; delivers maximum abuse resistance at a low cost. 

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