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Historical Venetian Plaster: The natural glossy characteristics of Venetian Stucco are retained while adding today's technology for coloration and speed of application. Finish options include a glossy finish, Marmorino matte finish, pearlescent effects, stencils and multicolor blends. Spatula Stuhhi is a wall coating which is bacteria and mold resistant, solvent free, and all mineral. Venetian Plaster allows us to create a unique living space. It is a favorite among designers, home owners, architects, interior decorators and building managers when it comes to adding a dramatic touch to interior surfaces. Tintable to any color with universal colorants, Venetian Plaster delivers a sophisticated wall finish that has the appearance of polished stone or marble. It is applied in three coats by steel trowels with an optional coat of life long wax, which makes the surface water and stain resistant. This high polish isn't the only unique quality; the more you polish the more translucent the finish becomes. This translucency creates the depth seen in real marble and the finish is so smooth, it even feels like marble. In fact, Venetian Plaster was formulated to imulate a complicated "Old World" Italian technique called Scagliola used for centuries to create the look on marble on areas where marble could not be installed. Various looks can be creted such as polished marble, stone and suede.

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