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Glazing is a technique used to add dimension & detail to a flat surface or relief.   It can add character to cabinets or furniture, or it can take on the appearance of texture.  We can duplicate an type of wood (faux bois), stone, brick, denim, silk, woven fabric, suede, leather, marble, or we can blend colors together on a surface to add subtle character.


The Art of Faux Bois is an art form that dates back throusands of years.  Also known as painted wood, faux food and wood graining.  The need to replicate the look of wood has been explored and refined over time.  In today's world, the need seems even greater.  Due to the inability or expense in obtaining many woods today, wood graining has become a necessity for home owners, interior designers & decorators, as well as builders & architects.  Add the various moldings available for homes today, the elegant styled detailed designs that are made with MDF or rubber, the need to match them to look like a particular material in a room is a necessary service.  Many times, wood graining or faux bois is a great alternative when particular woods to match existing cabinetry are not available.  The trim can be grained to mimic the existing cabinets & built in.  Many buildings must have Fire Code door, made of steel.  If the rest of the room, for example, is walnut, the steel door finished in a walnut finish will mimic the surrounding wood.  Cabinets or furniture can also be wood grained to duplicate a particular species of wood.


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