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The art of rendering marble with paint & glaze is a time honored craft dating back before the Renaissance period.  The ability to recreate the look of various polished marbles today is indispensible to home owners, architects, builders, & designers, in search of it's regal & sophisticated look.  Besides the fact that many marbles are no longer available, the weight of actual marble as well as the cost sometimes makes it prohibitive as a viable option in buildings.  Faux marble finishes can, when applied by an experienced artist, recreate the look of Alabaster, Cipolino, Travertine, Yellow Sienna, Limestone, or any number of authentic marbles.  Aesthetically, it can be applied to columns, panels, arches, mantels, fireplace surrounds, & furniture. 


The application of marble finishes to surfaces uses a variety of faux painting techniques to authentically replicate & stimulate the transluscent nature of actual marble or, as often is the case, create a look of faux marble that is more loose & artistic & suggests the appearance of marble.  At times, this approach may be more applicable to larger areas.

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