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Metallics encompass a multitude of mediums.  These include a wide range of metallic paints, textures, foils, & leafing products.  We offer copper treatments with a variety of patinas.  A popular application is that of kitchen hoods.  Nails heads can be applied to add more dimension.  Other architectural elements can be enhanced, to give the appearance & feel of a substantial metal structure, where installation is not appropriate, the real metal is too expensive, or a material is not available.  A true iron paint can be applied to most surfaces to create a rust, which can be toned with different patinas to achieve the desired color tones.  When adding a patina, with a variety of application methods, a look of weathered metal is achieved. 


Leafing or gilding comes in a multitude of dofferent metals, from 24 karat gold, white gold, platinum, bronze, copper, variagated, & a variety of colors.  Leaf can be applied on exterior building details made from wood, stone, fiber glass & metal which can take on the dynamic qualities of gold - it's luster & color.  Exterior leaf can be 100% gold - 24 karat, but to change the color to a paler gold, it is mixed with silver.  To darken & warm its tones, it is mixed with copper.  The addition of these other metals lowers the karat value of the gold leaf, which ranges from 9 carat (white) to 24 carat (fine gold).  Gold is completely resistant to corrosion.  An outdoor dome, building detail, or statue will require a leaf that ranges from 96%-98.5% in purity.  Karats less than 23 are recommended for indoor use.  We use only the finest gold & silver leaf on the market, from Italy.

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